Profitable Paints MT4 Indicator: Trend Indicator Without Repainting

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The Profitable Paints MT4 Indicator is a straightforward yet effective trend indicator designed to provide highly accurate trading signals without lagging or repainting. Developed by a member of a Russian Forex forum, the Profitable Paints Indicator is based on the standard Commodity Channel Index (CCI) indicator, making it easy to interpret and integrate into your trading strategies. This article will explore the key features, advantages, and best practices for effectively utilizing the Profitable Paints MT4 Indicator in your trading endeavors.

Key Features of the Profitable Paints MT4 Indicator

  1. Trend Indicator: The Profitable Paints Indicator is primarily a trend indicator, identifying and displaying the current market trend. This helps traders recognize potential trading opportunities and make informed decisions about when to enter or exit positions.
  2. CCI-based Signals: The indicator is built on the standard CCI, a popular technical analysis tool that measures the variation between a security’s price and its historical average. Signals are generated when the signal line crosses a predetermined level, which can be adjusted in the settings.
  3. Clear Visual Representation: The Profitable Paints Indicator provides a clear visual representation of the market trend. A purple line below the price candle indicates an upward trend, while a red line above the price candle signifies a downward trend.
  4. No Repainting or Lagging: One of the main advantages of the Profitable Paints Indicator is its ability to provide accurate signals without repainting or lagging. This ensures that traders receive consistent and reliable trend information, enabling them to make more informed trading decisions.

Strategies for Optimizing the Use of the Profitable Paints MT4 Indicator

  1. Combine with Other Technical Indicators: While the Profitable Paints Indicator is a powerful trend tool, it is not a “holy grail” solution. To reduce the number of false entries and enhance trading accuracy, traders should use the indicator in conjunction with other confirming MT4 indicators. This could include oscillators, support and resistance levels, or chart patterns.
  2. Trade with the Trend: To maximize the potential of the Profitable Paints Indicator, traders should always aim to trade in the direction of the prevailing trend. This will increase the probability of successful trades and help minimize losses in case of a reversal.
  3. Adjust Indicator Settings: The Profitable Paints MT4 Indicator comes with customizable settings, allowing traders to fine-tune the indicator to their specific trading needs and preferences. Experimenting with different settings can help optimize the indicator’s performance and improve its effectiveness.
  4. Practice on a Demo Account: Before implementing the Profitable Paints Indicator in live trading, traders should first practice using the indicator on a demo account. This will help them become familiar with the indicator’s signals and performance, making it easier to integrate the indicator into their trading strategies.


The Profitable Paints MT4 Indicator is a simple yet powerful trend indicator that offers traders accurate and reliable trading signals without lagging or repainting. Its easy-to-interpret visual representation of market trends and customizable settings make it an invaluable tool for traders of all experience levels.

To optimize the use of the Profitable Paints Indicator, traders should combine it with other technical indicators, trade with the trend, adjust the indicator’s settings, and practice on a demo account. By employing these strategies, traders can unlock the full potential of the Profitable Paints MT4 Indicator, resulting in more informed trading decisions and increased chances of success in the forex market.

Features of Profitable Paints MT4 indicator

  • Platform: Metatrader 4
  • Ability to change settings: Yes
  • Timeframe: any from 1 Minute to Daily
  • Currency pairs: any

In file you will find:

  • profitable paints.ex4

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