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Trend Focus: Forex Trend Trading Strategy

The Trend Focus trading strategy is designed to minimize false signals typical of trend trading systems through a combination of moving averages filtered by support and resistance areas. Strategy parameters…

123 Pattern Day Trader: Breakout Strategy for Forex Intraday Trading

The strategy 123 Pattern Day Trader is a profitable Forex breakout system based on Price Action 1-2-3 chart pattern and trend filtering. Strategy parameters Currency pairs: major pair with low…

Forex Signal: A Profitable Forex Strategy

Forex Signal is an indicator trading strategy based mainly on the readings of a signal indicator. The beauty of this strategy is that it gives clear signals not only to…

Trend Trading Strategy: 90% Win

The 90% Win trend trading strategy is a very simple trend-following system with conservative and aggressive ways to enter the market. Strategy parameters Currency pairs: any Timeframe: M15 and higher…