Trend Focus: Forex Trend Trading Strategy

Trend Focus trading strategy

The Trend Focus trading strategy is designed to minimize false signals typical of trend trading systems through a combination of moving averages filtered by support and resistance areas.

Strategy parameters

  • Platform: Metatrader 4
  • Currency pairs: any
  • Timeframe: M15 and higher
  • Trading time: any
  • Risk management: choose such a lot size that the risk is not larger than 2-5% of the deposit per trade

Indicators used

  • Pivot Points levels
  • Round numbers
  • Supply Demand
  • Fractals
  • Moving Average (50, close)
  • Moving Average (34, close)
  • Fan of Moving Averages
  • Woodie CCI

Installing indicators and system template

  • Unpack the archive with templates and indicators
  • Copy the indicators to the MQL4 folder -> Indicators
  • Copy the templates to the templates folder
  • Restart the terminal
  • Open the chart of the required currency pair
  • Install a template named Trend Focus

The price chart should look like this:

Trend Focus Forex trading strategy

Signals indicating the opening of a BUY position

  • the price bounced up from the support zone;
  • the price closed above the moving average fan;
  • both moving averages (34 and 50) are green;
  • Woodie CCI is above zero, the square on the histogram is green.
Trend Focus Forex trading strategy Buy example

Signals indicating the opening of a SELL position

  • the price bounced down from the resistance zone;
  • the price closed below the fan of moving averages;
  • both moving averages (34 and 50) are red;
  • Woodie CCI is below zero, the square on the histogram is red.
Trend Focus Forex trading strategy Sell example

Setting stop loss and take profit

  • stop loss is set above / below the resistance / support zone or above / below the previous local high / low;
  • take profit is set near the Pivot level in front of the support or resistance zone.

Before using the Trend Focus trend trading strategy on a real account, I recommend testing it on a demo account first.

In file you will find:

  • BK Fan.ex4
  • BK Fractals.ex4
  • BK MA 4×4.ex4
  • BK MA 34.ex4
  • BK MA 50.ex4
  • BK Pivots.ex4
  • BK Round Numbers.ex4
  • BK Supply Demand.ex4
  • BK Woodie.ex4
  • Readme.txt
  • Trend Focus.tpl

Download Trend Focus strategy files for free: