Forex Turbo Scalper MT4 Indicator: Powerful Tool For Scalping

Forex Turbo Scalper MT4 indicator

In the highly volatile Forex market, scalping has emerged as a popular strategy among traders seeking to capitalize on small price movements. The Forex Turbo Scalper MT4 Indicator, created by Rita Lasker, is a specialized tool designed to aid traders in scalping by identifying the nascent stages of market trends. This article delves into the nuances of the Forex Turbo Scalper MT4 Indicator, its features, and application in scalping strategies.

A Brief Overview of Scalping

Scalping in Forex trading refers to a strategy that involves making a large number of trades, each aiming to profit from small changes in a currency pair’s price. The idea is to accumulate a substantial profit from several small gains. Scalping demands a vigilant eye on the market and swift decision-making.

Features of Forex Turbo Scalper MT4 Indicator

Targeted Timeframes

The Forex Turbo Scalper is optimized for short timeframes, specifically M5 (5 minutes) and M15 (15 minutes). This is aligned with the nature of scalping, which requires rapid entry and exit.

Visual Display

The indicator is manifested in the sub-window of the price chart as colored vertical lines, enabling traders to instantly discern the market trend:

  • Blue lines: These signify an upward trend, indicating that it might be an opportune time to consider entering a long position.
  • Red lines: Conversely, red lines depict a downtrend. Traders might contemplate opening a short position in this scenario.
  • Yellow lines: Yellow lines represent a flat or ranging market where the price is not following a distinct trend. In such cases, traders might opt to stay out of the market or adopt a different strategy.

Alerts and Notifications

To ensure that traders do not miss any potential trading opportunities, the Forex Turbo Scalper comes equipped with an alert system. Whenever a trading signal is generated, a dialog box pops up, and a sound alert is triggered. This feature is invaluable, especially in scalping, where timing is crucial.

Employing Forex Turbo Scalper in Trading Strategies

Combining with Filtering Indicators

While Forex Turbo Scalper provides valuable information regarding the early stages of market trends, it is prudent not to rely solely on it for making trading decisions. It is recommended to use it in conjunction with filtering MT4 indicators to confirm the signals generated by the Forex Turbo Scalper. This can help in avoiding false signals and improving the accuracy of the entries.

Money Management and Risk Control

Given the large number of trades involved in scalping and the fact that the Forex market can be highly unpredictable, it is imperative to employ strict money management and risk control measures. Setting appropriate stop-loss levels and only risking a small percentage of the trading capital on each trade can help in mitigating losses.


The Forex Turbo Scalper MT4 Indicator stands out as a robust tool for traders who are inclined towards scalping. With its visual aids and alert system, it makes for an efficient way to identify early market trends. However, to maximize its efficacy and manage the inherent risks of scalping, it is essential to combine the Forex Turbo Scalper with other indicators and employ sound money management practices.

Features of Forex Turbo Scalper MT4 indicator

  • Platform: Metatrader 4
  • Ability to change settings: No
  • Timeframe: optimized for M5 and M15
  • Currency pairs: any

In file you will find:

  • forex_turbo_scalper.ex4

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