• Fri. Sep 10th, 2021


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Arrow Indicator MA2 Signal ver2.1: Helpful Tool for Trend Trading Strategies and Scalping

Forex arrow indicator MA2 Signal ver2.1 displays signals to enter the market based on the intersection of two adjustable moving averages.

MA2 Signal ver2.1 MT4 indicator

The indicator MA2 Signal ver2.1 is a signal variant of the intersection of two moving averages.

The MA2 Signal ver2.1 indicator allows setting the parameters of both moving averages.

Setting up the moving average method:

  • 0 = SMA,
  • 1 = EMA,
  • 2 = SMMA,
  • 3 = LWMA.

Price settings:

  • 0 = Close,
  • 1 = Open,
  • 2 = High,
  • 3 = Low,
  • 4 = HL / 2,
  • 5 = HLC / 3,
  • 6 = HLCC / 4.

When moving averages cross, the indicator draws an arrow of the corresponding color and direction, and also duplicates with a sound signal and a text message.

Unfortunately, the MA2 Signal ver2.1 arrow indicator repaints is arrows, therefore it should not be used as an independent source of signals; however, with additional filtering indicators it can become the main element for creating trend trading strategies.

Features of MA2 Signal ver2.1 MT4 indicator

  • Platform: Metatrader 4
  • Ability to change settings: Yes
  • Timeframe: any from 1 Minute to Daily
  • Currency pairs: any

In MA2_Signal_ver2.1.zip file you will find:

  • MA2_Signal_ver2.1.ex4

Download MA2 Signal ver2.1 MT4 indicator for free: