Cor ZigZag MT4 Indicator: For Building Price Channels

Cor Zig Zag MT4 indicator

Forex trading involves a lot of complexities, and traders constantly seek tools that can simplify market analysis. Technical indicators are such tools that help traders understand market trends, volatility, and other factors. One such important but often misunderstood indicator is the ZigZag. However, its optimized version, known as the Cor ZigZag MT4 Indicator, has been increasingly getting attention for its added functionalities. This article delves deep into the Cor ZigZag MT4 Indicator, understanding its mechanics, usage, and where it fits into a trading strategy.

What is the Cor ZigZag MT4 Indicator?

The Foundation of ZigZag

The Cor ZigZag indicator builds upon the foundation of the standard ZigZag indicator. While the latter helps traders to eliminate price noise and offers a clearer view of market trends by connecting swing highs and lows, the Cor ZigZag takes it a step further by building independent price channels.

Channeling the Market

The Cor ZigZag trading indicator automatically generates price channels on the currency pair’s chart, providing traders a clearer view of market direction and potential areas of support and resistance. These channels are constructed based on the highs and lows identified by the ZigZag pattern.

Dynamic Repainting

Just like the standard ZigZag indicator, the Cor ZigZag also has a tendency to repaint. This means that the indicator adjusts or redraws the price channels when new highs or lows are reached. This dynamic nature makes it sensitive to recent price changes, but it’s a factor traders should be wary of, as repainting can sometimes lead to misleading signals.

Integrating Cor ZigZag into Trading Strategies

A Component in Trend Trading

The Cor ZigZag MT4 Indicator can serve as one of the components in a trend trading system. By analyzing the directions of the price channels, traders can get a sense of the prevailing market trend, whether bullish or bearish. It provides an additional layer of confirmation, which can be valuable in trend-following strategies.

Complementary to ZigZag Analysis

For traders already using the standard ZigZag indicator in their trading toolkit, the Cor ZigZag offers an extension that can enhance their market analysis. Its ability to draw price channels adds a dimension of support and resistance levels that could be crucial for entry and exit points.

Caveats and Considerations

While the Cor ZigZag indicator offers several advantages, it’s crucial to note its limitations as well. The most glaring one is its tendency to repaint, as mentioned earlier. This could sometimes result in late or false signals, particularly in highly volatile markets. Therefore, it’s advisable to use the Cor ZigZag in conjunction with other indicators or forms of analysis to validate its signals.


The Cor ZigZag MT4 Indicator, with its unique capability to form price channels, offers Forex traders an optimized version of the traditional ZigZag indicator. It can serve as a powerful tool for trend identification and for analyzing potential levels of support and resistance. However, the indicator’s repainting nature calls for cautious interpretation and suggests that it should be used in combination with other tools for more reliable trading decisions. Overall, the Cor ZigZag has much to offer but should be used wisely and in context for best results.

Features of Cor ZigZag MT4 indicator

  • Platform: Metatrader 4
  • Ability to change settings: Yes
  • Timeframe: any from 1 Minute to Daily
  • Currency pairs: any

In file you will find:

  • Cor-Zig-Zag.ex4

Download Cor ZigZag MT4 indicator for free:

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