Aliev FX Volumes MT4 Indicator: Convenient Visualization of Volumes

Aliev FX Volumes MT4 indicator

In the vast ocean of Forex trading, the accurate assessment of volume can be a game-changer for traders looking to make informed decisions. While many indicators have been developed to analyze this critical facet of trading, the Aliev FX Volumes MT4 Indicator stands out as an enhanced tool specifically tailored for visualizing tick volumes across different currency pairs and timeframes. In this article, we’ll explore the key features, advantages, and implications of using this innovative indicator.

The Genesis: ClusterDelta Volume Indicator

The Aliev FX Volumes indicator isn’t an entirely new concept but is a refined evolution of the ClusterDelta Volume indicator. The latter has been an established tool among Forex traders for its prowess in analyzing tick volumes. Aliev FX Volumes builds on this foundation to offer an even more optimized and user-friendly experience.

Features of the Aliev FX Volumes Indicator

  • Versatility in Application: One of the primary attributes of the Aliev FX Volumes indicator is its compatibility with any currency pair and timeframe. This ensures that traders aren’t restricted in their analyses and can employ the tool in diverse trading scenarios.
  • Comprehensive Volume Display: The indicator provides a holistic view of volume-related data. This includes:
    • The number of ticks over a specific period.
    • The entry points of participants with substantial volumes.
    • The cumulative daily number of ticks, represented as daily volume.
  • Enhanced Visualization Method: The Aliev FX Volumes indicator is particularly distinguished by its method of visual representation. It offers:
    • Highlighting with thick bars when a series of more than three candles move in a singular direction, ensuring that significant trends don’t go unnoticed.
    • A clear depiction of volume right above each candle, facilitating quick and efficient volume assessment without needing to divert attention.

Implications for Traders

Understanding volume is critical in Forex trading as it provides insights into the strength behind a price movement. Here’s how the Aliev FX Volumes indicator can be impactful:

  • Identifying Market Strength: A significant volume surge during a price uptrend suggests strong buying interest and could signify a continuation of the trend. Conversely, high volumes during a downtrend can indicate robust selling interest.
  • Spotting Market Reversals: Anomalies between price movements and associated volumes can sometimes indicate potential market reversals. For instance, if prices are rising but volumes are dropping, it could signify a potential bearish reversal.
  • Informed Entry and Exit: By showing the entry points of large volume participants, the Aliev FX Volumes indicator can provide insights into potential support and resistance levels, aiding in more informed entry and exit decisions.


The Aliev FX Volumes MT4 Indicator is a testament to the continuous evolution of trading tools designed to offer traders an edge in the competitive world of Forex trading. By providing a detailed and optimized view of tick volumes across various timeframes and currency pairs, it empowers traders to make better-informed decisions based on volume strength and anomalies. As with all indicators, while the Aliev FX Volumes offers valuable insights, it’s most effective when used in conjunction with other analytical tools and strategies.

Features of Aliev FX Volumes MT4 indicator

  • Platform: Metatrader 4
  • Ability to change settings: Yes
  • Timeframe: any from 1 Minute to Daily
  • Currency pairs: any

In file you will find:

  • Aliev-FX-Volumes.ex4

Download Aliev FX Volumes MT4 indicator for free:

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