Volatility Hyper Trend MT4 Indicator: Arrow Indicator Based on Volatility

Volatility Hyper Trend MT4 indicator

Volatility is an integral aspect of the forex markets, and understanding its role can greatly improve a trader’s ability to gauge market conditions and optimize trading strategies. The Volatility Hyper Trend MT4 Indicator is a cutting-edge tool that synergizes volatility analysis with trend identification, thus providing traders with refined market entry signals. In this article, we delve into the mechanism of the Volatility Hyper Trend indicator and explore strategies for integrating it into forex trading.

Overview of Volatility Hyper Trend Indicator

The Volatility Hyper Trend indicator is a Forex signal indicator that capitalizes on the Average True Range (ATR) to evaluate market volatility and ascertain prevailing trends. It employs two standard ATR indicators with identical periods but different multiplier coefficients. This variation in coefficients influences their sensitivity, resulting in a shift between these indicators relative to each other.

The intersection of these ATR indicators, as a result of changes in volatility, gives rise to buy and sell signals. Furthermore, the ATR indicators’ segments are colored according to the current price trend, making it visually convenient for traders to discern market conditions.

Identifying Market Trends and Entry Points

1. Blue Arrow and Upward Trend

A blue arrow indicates a buying opportunity and is accompanied by the coloring of the ATR indicator segments in blue. This suggests that the market is experiencing an upward trend, with increased buying pressure and escalating prices. It might be an opportune moment for traders to enter long positions.

2. Red Arrow and Downward Trend

Conversely, a red arrow denotes a selling opportunity and is associated with the ATR indicator segments turning red. This reflects a downward trend in the market characterized by selling pressure and declining prices. Traders might consider this an apt time to open short positions.

3. Green and Neutral Trend

When the ATR indicator segments are colored green, it indicates a neutral trend. This means that the market is relatively stable without a clear upward or downward direction. During this phase, traders should be cautious and avoid entering new positions until a clear trend emerges.

Integrating the Indicator into Trading Strategies

Additional Filters

Using the Volatility Hyper Trend indicator as a standalone tool is not advisable, as it’s critical to ascertain the accuracy and reliability of its signals. Implementing additional filters, such as moving averages or other trend indicators, can enhance the precision of the signals generated by the Volatility Hyper Trend indicator.

Monitoring for Redrawing of Signals

Traders need to be vigilant about the possibility of the indicator redrawing signals. Continuous monitoring and backtesting can help evaluate the consistency and reliability of the signals.


The Volatility Hyper Trend MT4 Indicator is an ingenious amalgamation of volatility and trend analysis. Its utilization of dual ATR indicators facilitates refined market entry signals. However, traders must employ additional filters to validate these signals and must also be mindful of the potential redrawing of signals.

Combining the Volatility Hyper Trend Indicator with a comprehensive trading strategy that encompasses risk management, and coupling it with other technical analysis tools, can significantly augment a trader’s market acumen and decision-making prowess. This integration ultimately enhances the potential for fruitful trading outcomes in the forex market.

Features of Volatility Hyper Trend MT4 indicator

  • Platform: Metatrader 4
  • Ability to change settings: Yes
  • Timeframe: any from 1 Minute to Daily
  • Currency pairs: any

In VHT.zip file you will find:

  • VHT.ex4

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