MA Distance From Price MT4 Indicator: Non-repainting Arrow Indicator

Ma Distance From Price & alerts MT4 indicator

In the intricate world of Forex trading, the utilization of robust and insightful indicators can significantly enhance decision-making processes and trading outcomes. Among the plethora of tools available, the MA Distance From Price MT4 Indicator stands out as an advanced non-repainting signal indicator. Offering a wide array of functionalities, this indicator provides a more comprehensive and nuanced understanding of price movement and market trends.

Unraveling the MA Distance From Price MT4 Indicator

The MA Distance From Price is a signal indicator based on the variance between the current price and the position of the moving average. By focusing on this discrepancy, it offers a unique perspective on market trends, enabling traders to make informed trading decisions.

One of the striking features of this indicator is its enhanced operational speed, brought about by the elimination of the calculation of history bars. This eliminates the need to calculate and analyze historical data, thereby speeding up the decision-making process and allowing traders to respond to market changes more swiftly.

In another notable modification, the pip buffer parameter, traditionally expressed in points, is now articulated in pips, offering the possibility for fractional values. This finer granularity in the representation of price differences can contribute to more precise trading decisions.

A User-Friendly Indicator with Advanced Functionality

In the MA Distance From Price MT4 Indicator, the method for calculating the moving average is represented not by a numerical value but by its full letter name. This approach enhances the clarity and ease of use, making it more accessible for traders of varying experience levels.

Moreover, the MA Distance From Price MT4 Indicator has addressed the common issue of signal repainting, ensuring that the signals it presents are final and do not change retrospectively. This functionality enhances the indicator’s reliability, allowing traders to have more faith in the signals it generates.

Expanding Trading Capabilities: Alert System & Customization

This advanced indicator also comes equipped with an alert system that can provide traders with real-time notifications about significant market movements. This system can help traders stay updated about market dynamics and respond timely to potential trading opportunities.

In terms of practicality, the MA Distance From Price MT4 Indicator plots arrows on the chart: green arrows to indicate buy signals and red arrows for sell signals. However, as the indicator tends to present a substantial number of arrows, it is crucial to filter these signals with other technical MT4 indicators. This balanced approach ensures that the signals are not only based on the price-moving average discrepancy but also corroborated by other market indicators, enhancing the reliability of the trading decisions.

Furthermore, experimenting with the indicator’s settings can boost its efficiency and profitability. By adjusting the settings to suit individual trading styles or specific market conditions, traders can optimize the performance of the MA Distance From Price MT4 Indicator and maximize their trading outcomes.


In summary, the MA Distance From Price MT4 Indicator is a robust and insightful tool that can significantly enhance a trader’s understanding of market trends and support informed trading decisions. With its advanced settings, rapid operation speed, user-friendly representations, and alert system, it presents traders with a comprehensive, reliable, and efficient tool for navigating the intricate dynamics of the Forex market.

Features of MA Distance From Price MT4 indicator

  • Platform: Metatrader 4
  • Ability to change settings: Yes
  • Timeframe: any from 1 Minute to Daily
  • Currency pairs: any

In file you will find:

  • Ma_Distance_From_Price-alerts.ex4

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