Central Pivot Range (CPR) MT4 Indicator: for Daily Price-level Analysis

Central Pivot Range (CPR) MT4 Indicator

The Central Pivot Range (CPR) is a highly versatile MT4 indicator that serves as an advanced tool for daily price-level analysis. An evolution of the traditional pivot points indicator, the CPR utilizes top, bottom, and central pivot points to identify key price levels. This article will explore how the CPR MT4 Indicator functions, its components, and its strategic significance in Forex trading.

The CPR MT4 Indicator: An Overview

The CPR is an advanced Pivot indicator that lends considerable depth to the daily price-level analysis. It operates similarly to the original pivot points indicator but innovates by identifying critical price levels using top, bottom, and central pivot points on the chart.

A key component of the CPR indicator is the Central Pivot Point (PV). This point serves as a measure of the price’s bullish or bearish sentiment. For instance, if the price holds its position below the central pivot level, it suggests bearish momentum. On the other hand, a price that maintains a position above the PV often indicates bullish sentiment.

In addition to the PV, the CPR indicator includes the Top Central Pivot (TC) and the Bottom Central Pivot (BC). These pivot levels help create a price range that is instrumental in identifying price volatility and the potential for price reversals.

Plotting Support and Resistance with the CPR

The CPR MT4 Indicator extends its functionality by plotting a series of support and resistance lines. These lines are determined based on daily, weekly, and monthly price actions and provide crucial insights into potential areas of price fluctuations.

Support and resistance levels are a critical aspect of technical analysis, helping traders to identify potential entry and exit points. The CPR indicator plots these lines surrounding the central pivot level, making it a valuable tool for anticipating profit targets and stop-loss positions.

How to Use the CPR Indicator in Forex Trading

Although the CPR doesn’t generate explicit buy/sell signals, it is a powerful tool that outlines potential areas of significant changes in the supply and demand of an asset. This can be converted into trading opportunities. Traders can use the CPR to identify key price levels and assess the potential for reversals or continuations in the market trend.

The Strategic Advantage of the CPR MT4 Indicator

The strength of the CPR MT4 Indicator lies in its ability to provide traders with a deeper understanding of market dynamics. By analyzing the Central Pivot Range, traders can gain a clearer sense of the market’s directional bias, providing a solid basis for more informed trading decisions.

Furthermore, the CPR can serve as a potent risk management tool. Traders can use the top and bottom central pivots to establish stop loss levels, ensuring that potential losses are kept within an acceptable range.


In summary, the CPR MT4 Indicator is an invaluable tool for Forex traders that significantly enhances the process of daily price-level analysis. By plotting central, top, and bottom pivot points along with support and resistance levels, the CPR offers traders a comprehensive overview of the market. Although it doesn’t generate explicit buy/sell signals, the valuable insights it provides into price levels and market sentiment equip traders with the information they need to identify and seize profitable trading opportunities. Like all trading tools, the CPR should be used as part of a holistic trading strategy that combines technical and fundamental analysis.

Features of Central Pivot Range (CPR) MT4 indicator

  • Platform: Metatrader 4
  • Ability to change settings: Yes
  • Timeframe: any from 1 Minute to Daily
  • Currency pairs: any

In CPR.zip file you will find:

  • CPR.ex4

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