Daily Pivot Points MT4 Indicator: Finding Reversal Points in the Market

Daily Pivot Points MT4 Indicator

The search for precision and predictability in the forex market often brings traders to the doorstep of various indicators. One such tool that has garnered significant attention and usage among trading communities worldwide is the Daily Pivot Points MT4 Indicator. This article seeks to shed light on its functionalities, its significance, and how traders can leverage it for their trading endeavors.

Introduction to the Daily Pivot Points MT4 Indicator

Pivot points, in their essence, provide traders with potential zones of support and resistance. These zones can be critical in assessing potential reversal points in the market. The Daily Pivot Points MT4 Indicator encapsulates this principle, offering traders an intricate breakdown of 13 critical horizontal levels, which could play a pivotal role in the price movement.

Breaking Down the Components

To understand the workings and potential of the Daily Pivot Points Indicator, it’s essential to get acquainted with its components:

  • Pivot Point (PP): Represented by a yellow horizontal line, the pivot point is the central reference point around which price revolves. It’s situated between the resistance and support zones, offering a neutral perspective on the market’s movement.
  • Resistance Levels (R1, R2, R3): These levels are situated above the pivot point and denote potential ceilings that price may struggle to breach. Each subsequent resistance level (from R1 to R3) is considered stronger than its predecessor.
  • Support Levels (S1, S2, S3): Positioned below the pivot point, these levels symbolize potential floors where the price could find support. Similar to resistance levels, each subsequent support level (from S1 to S3) is deemed stronger than the one before.
  • Mid Points: To offer a granular view, the indicator also plots intermediate or mid points between the primary pivot point and its accompanying support and resistance zones. These mid points can be valuable for traders looking for finer entry and exit points.

The Underlying Calculations

The strength of the Daily Pivot Points Indicator lies in its mathematical foundation. By taking into account the previous trading session’s open, low, high, and close prices, it calculates the potential support and resistance zones. This grounding in historical data lends it a level of predictability and reliability.

Harnessing the Daily Pivot Points for Trading

Different trading styles can leverage the insights from this indicator:

  • Breakout Traders: These traders can use the pivot points as markers for potential breakouts. For instance, a sustained movement above R1 could signify a strong bullish momentum, whereas a move below S1 could indicate bearishness.
  • Range-bound Traders: For those who prefer trading within a range, the pivot points, especially the mid points, can act as markers for potential reversals within the range.
  • Risk Management: Beyond entry and exit signals, the pivot points can be instrumental in risk management. They can serve as robust stop-loss or take-profit levels, aiding traders in preserving capital or locking in profits.


In a market driven by volatility and unpredictability, the Daily Pivot Points MT4 Indicator emerges as a beacon of guidance. It gives traders a roadmap of potential price movements, backed by historical data, and offers actionable insights for varied trading styles.

However, as with all indicators, it’s paramount to use the Daily Pivot Points in conjunction with other tools, both technical and fundamental, to get a holistic view of the market. By understanding its nuances and integrating it thoughtfully into a comprehensive trading strategy, traders can tap into its immense potential, making more informed and strategic decisions in the forex arena.

Features of Daily Pivot Points MT4 indicator

  • Platform: Metatrader 4
  • Ability to change settings: Yes
  • Timeframe: any from 1 Minute to H4
  • Currency pairs: any

In daily-pivot-points.zip file you will find:

  • daily-pivot-points.ex4

Download Daily Pivot Points MT4 indicator for free:

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