• Fri. May 28th, 2021


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We offer huge collection of Metatrader Forex indicators: oscillators, trend, signal, arrow and channel. All the best MT4 indicators may be downloaded directly from the page completely free of charge and without registration.

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Super Signals Channel Indicator

Super signals channel indicator is a useful tool giving you an idea where the currency price currently is. The indicator draws two lines above and below the price candle. The…

Lukas1 Arrows Curves Indicator

Lukas1 Arrows Curves is another great Forex indicator which could be helpful in different types of trading. If you choose this indicator for short term charts (M1-M15) it could be…

HalfTrend 1.02 Indicator

Halftrend is one of my favorite Forex indicators. In general it shows the direction of the trend – blue line means the trend is going up, red line shows that…

Marvin Non Repaint Indicator

This indicator draws arrows when it catches highs and lows of the trend. And as the name says it should be a non repainting indicator. There are no inputs that…