• Wed. Jul 28th, 2021


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Indicator LaguerreFilterCloud: Very Effective Oscillator for Trend Strategies

The indicator LaguerreFilterCloud is a modification of the best oscillator used as a filter for Forex trend trading strategies.

LaguerreFilterCloud MT4 indicator

The LaguerreFilterCloud indicator is a modification of the Laguerre oscillator, which is popular among traders. This indicator shows market cycles on the selected chart better than most of the standard indicators from the MT4 platform and is used with great efficiency in trend trading.

Since the LaguerreFilterCloud indicator perfectly shows the beginning and end of microtrends, it will be effective not only in trend trading, but also could be useful for swing traders and scalpers.

Features of LaguerreFilterCloud MT4 indicator

  • Platform: Metatrader 4
  • Ability to change settings: Yes
  • Timeframe: any from 1 Minute to Daily
  • Currency pairs: any

In laguerrefiltercloud.zip file you will find:

  • laguerrefiltercloud.ex4

Download LaguerreFilterCloud MT4 indicator for free: