Elder’s Rays ELR MT4 Indicator: One of the Best Forex Indicators

Elder's Rays ELR MT4 indicator

In the intricate world of Forex trading, having a reliable and effective indicator is crucial for gauging market trends and planning trades. One such tool that empowers traders to assess the balance of power between bulls and bears is the Elder’s Rays ELR MT4 Indicator. This article delves into the functionalities, applications, and benefits of the Elder’s Rays indicator in the MetaTrader 4 trading platform.

Introduction to Elder’s Rays Indicator

Developed by Dr. Alexander Elder, the Elder’s Rays indicator acts as a window into the market, enabling traders to analyze the strength of buyers and sellers. It draws a histogram in the sub-window below the main price chart, providing insights into market trends. The Elder’s Rays indicator is essentially a fusion of the exponential moving average (EMA) with a period of 13, and the standard Bulls Power and Bears Power indicators.

Understanding the Histogram

The histogram plotted by the Elder’s Rays indicator is central to interpreting the strength and direction of market trends. When the indicator’s values are above 0, it suggests that buyers are dominating the market, indicating an uptrend. Conversely, values below 0 signify that sellers have the upper hand, implying a downtrend.

Bulls Power and Bears Power

The Elder’s Rays indicator combines two components – Bulls Power and Bears Power. Bulls Power reflects the capability of buyers to drive prices above the average, while Bears Power indicates the strength of sellers to push prices below the average. This combination helps in evaluating the dynamics of market trends.

Utilizing Elder’s Rays for Trading Strategies

1. Identifying Market Trends

One of the main applications of the Elder’s Rays indicator is identifying prevailing market trends. When the histogram bars are positive and increasing, it suggests strengthening bullish momentum, and conversely, when the bars are negative and decreasing, it indicates growing bearish momentum.

2. Spotting Reversal Points

The indicator can also be used to spot potential reversals in the market. When the histogram starts to decrease in a bullish market or increase in a bearish market, it could indicate a potential reversal in trend.

3. Divergence Analysis

Traders can use Elder’s Rays to spot divergences between the price and the histogram. For instance, when the price is making new highs, but the histogram is not following suit, it may signal an impending bearish reversal. Conversely, if the price is making new lows but the histogram is not, it may indicate a bullish reversal.

Crafting a Trading Strategy

The Elder’s Rays indicator can serve as the foundation for creating trending Forex strategies. For instance, traders can enter long positions when the histogram starts to display positive values and short positions when negative. Combining Elder’s Rays with other indicators such as MACD or RSI can provide additional confirmation and improve the robustness of trading strategies.


The Elder’s Rays ELR MT4 Indicator, with its ability to evaluate the strength of bulls and bears, serves as a powerful tool in a trader’s arsenal. Its combination of trend indicator qualities and oscillators provides a comprehensive analysis of market trends. By effectively utilizing the insights provided by the histogram, traders can make informed decisions and craft strategies that capitalize on market movements. However, as with any indicator, it is crucial to exercise caution and use it in conjunction with other tools and proper risk management strategies.

Features of Elder’s Rays ELR MT4 indicator

  • Platform: Metatrader 4
  • Ability to change settings: Yes
  • Timeframe: any from 1 Minute to Daily
  • Currency pairs: any

In ELR.zip file you will find:

  • ELR.ex4

Download Elder’s Rays ELR MT4 indicator for free:

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