Geo Fractal 4 MT4 Indicator: Fractal Levels from all Time Frames

Geo Fractal 4 MT4 indicator

Trading in the Forex market involves a profound understanding of various indicators that represent different aspects of the market dynamics. One such indicator that traders often employ is the Fractal Indicator. However, the Geo Fractal 4 MT4 Indicator takes this concept further by integrating multiple timeframes in a single chart, providing traders with an amplified perspective of the market. This article explores the Geo Fractal 4 MT4 Indicator, its features, and its application in Forex trading.

Introduction to Geo Fractal 4 MT4 Indicator

The Geo Fractal 4 MT4 Indicator is an advanced trading tool specifically designed for the MetaTrader 4 trading platform. It works on the principle of fractal analysis but with an enhanced capability to display fractal levels from available time intervals in a multi-frame mode. Essentially, it allows traders to view the most recent upper and lower fractal levels from different timeframes—M15 (15-minute), H1 (1-hour), H4 (4-hour), and D1 (daily)—on the price chart of a currency pair.

Fractals are a series of at least five successive bars, with the highest high in the middle, and two lower highs on both sides. The reversed formation is a series of five successive bars, with the lowest low in the middle, and two higher lows on both sides. The fractals are extremely useful for providing potential entry points, placing stop-loss orders, or setting price targets.

Distinguishing Features of Geo Fractal 4 MT4 Indicator

The Geo Fractal 4 MT4 Indicator displays fractal levels as dashed lines. These dashed lines become solid once the price breaks out, thereby providing a visual cue for traders to recognize price breakouts and make informed decisions accordingly.

One of the most significant attributes of the Geo Fractal 4 MT4 Indicator is its customization potential. Traders can alter the display of fractal levels with the following parameters:

  1. Fractal level
  2. Fractal level – point (for a down fractal) and fractal + spread + point (for an up fractal)

In addition to these, the Geo Fractal 4 MT4 Indicator also includes an ‘extern bool UseShift’ parameter. To enable the shift, traders can set this value to ‘true,’ adding another dimension of adaptability to this versatile tool.

Applying Geo Fractal 4 MT4 Indicator in Forex Trading Strategies

The Geo Fractal 4 MT4 Indicator finds its value in Forex trading strategies based on fractals. Its multi-frame mode provides traders with a broader market perspective, thereby facilitating more accurate predictions and more robust trading decisions. Moreover, the indicator’s ability to show price breakouts visually helps traders quickly react to changes in market dynamics.

The indicator is also particularly useful when applying the method of analyzing multiple screens or timeframes. By observing the fractal levels across different timeframes simultaneously, traders can identify potential patterns, trends, and reversals in the market. This multi-timeframe analysis can significantly enhance a trader’s ability to make accurate forecasts and mitigate potential trading risks.


The Geo Fractal 4 MT4 Indicator is a powerful addition to any Forex trader’s toolkit. With its ability to display fractal levels across multiple timeframes and its customizable parameters, it offers traders a sophisticated and comprehensive view of market dynamics. Whether used in strategies based on fractals or for analyzing multiple screens, the Geo Fractal 4 MT4 Indicator can serve as a potent tool for navigating the complexity of the Forex market. However, it is crucial to remember that no single indicator can provide a complete picture of the market. Therefore, the Geo Fractal 4 MT4 Indicator should be used in conjunction with other MT4 indicators and within the context of a well-planned trading strategy.

Features of Geo Fractal 4 MT4 indicator

  • Platform: Metatrader 4
  • Ability to change settings: Yes
  • Timeframe: any from 1 Minute to Daily
  • Currency pairs: any

In file you will find:

  • Geo_Fractal4.ex4

Download Geo Fractal 4 MT4 indicator for free:

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